Past Masterclass Teachers

Year Junior Masterclass Senior Masterclass
1989 —– Charles Delaney
1990 —– Sarah Baird Fouse
1991 Susan McQuinn Martha Rearick
1992 Jean West Eldred Spell
1993 Nancy Clew Christine Nield
1994 Katherine Nicklin Susan McQuinn
1995 Ellen Hinkle Christine Smith
1996 Grace Petree Lea Kibler
1997 Grace Petree Kim McCormick
1998 Cheryl Star Lisa LaCross
1999 Sara Stout Jean West
2000 Patty Dominowski Nancy Clew
2001 Cindy Bruce Debbie Heller
2002 Robin Horne Diane Tarabour
2003 Karl Lutgens Bill and Beth Larsen
2004 Kristen Stoner Rhonda Cassano
2005 Christine Alicot Barbara Jacobson
2006 Paige Long Eva Amsler
2007 Karl Barton Susan McQuinn
2008 Catherine Bull Beth and Bill Larsen
2009 Heather Small Jean West
2010 Shelley Binder Nora Lee Garcia-Valezquez
2011 Beth Goode Kim McCormick
2012 Karen Large Elisabeth Plunk
2013 Francesca Arnone Nancy Clew Eller
2014 Susan McQuinn Kristen Stoner
2015 Kim McCormick Nora Lee Garcia-Velazquez
2016 Tammara Phillips Trudy Kane
2017 —– Eva Amsler
Year High School Masterclass Piccolo Masterclass
2018 Rhonda Cassano Nan Raphael
Year High School Masterclass Piccolo Masterclass Orchestral Masterclass
2019 Karen Large Marie Schwartz Trudy Kane
2020 Ernesto Fernandez Sarah Jane Young Troy Paolantonio

* Advanced Masterclass teachers are always the Saturday night Guest Artist for that years’ convention and therefore are not duplicated on this page.


Last modified 2/26/20

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