For everyone’s safety and our numerous deadlines leading up to the 2021 convention, we have had to cancel this years’ regular convention but we are holding a virtual event for the same dates. Cost to attend is only your 2021 membership fee!
Instructions for Presenting at the 2021 FFA Virtual Convention

**Due to the limitations of broadcasting and time slots for this virtual experience, we are only accepting proposals for workshops and not performances.  

  • Deadline to submit a proposal is 11:59pm OCTOBER 1ST, 2020.
  • Priority will be given to performers and presenters who did NOT present in the same capacity during the 2020 FFA Convention.
  •  Click on the proposal form at the bottom of the page and submit. DO NOT SEND IN REGULAR MAIL. 
  • After being accepted to present, ALL PRESENTERS must send in the appropriate membership fee on the 2021 MEMBERSHIP application by the deadline of November 30, 2020. 
  • The allotted time is limited to 45 minutes during a one hour time block.


Examples of some workshops that we recommend: 


Piccolo techniques, beatboxing/extended techniques/double tonguing, flute mechanics/flute science, college preparation, self- promotion, tone studies, interactive sessions other than masterclasses


Sight-reading, upper register tone studies, Alexander Technique, summer opportunities, collaborating with other musicians, body mapping, creative practice, flute repair, intonation in different ensemble settings


Piccolo techniques, things to consider when buying a new flute, music theory, careers in music, modern music, harmonics/alternate fingerings, performance anxiety, achieving peak performance, teaching rhythmically challenged students, flute repair, college professor workshop/question and answer session, emotion in music, intonation/ear training, workshop on teacher or professional development, studio development including financial and contracts


Click on the form below for your presentation: 

Regular Proposal Form


**If your proposal gets accepted, you will be given further instructions on submitting your presentation