2023 Friends Of The Florida Flute Association

Our campaign is to help us with the rising costs each year to operate the association and to run the conventions


                                                                            Donation period for recognition is May 2023 through April 2024

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Jennifer Bacmeister

Federico Baez

Virginia Church

Lynn Darcey

Judy Davis

Jayme Drayton

Laura Everts

Jim Hain

Robin Horne

Ellen Hu (Alice)

Karen Large

Boyoung Lee

Roland Magyar

Bridget Morrey

Tammy Roggen

Bonnye Roose

John Ross

Ronnie Rothchild

Sarah Shorrock

Suzanne Swan

June Turner

Sophia Wasserman



Francesca Arnone

Deborah Ash

Brittni Autrey

Gail Blackburn

Randy Blue

Bonnie Childress

Tricia Danielsen

Susan DeLaney

Susan Gardner

Wendy Gill

David King

Judi Lampert

Bart and Judy Lipofsky

Paul McEntire

Angela Muller

Mary Papit

Irene Pruzan

Ali Ryerson

Sarah Simonis

Susan Voges

Carolyn Ward

Michael Wilson

Roberta Zukauskas



Karl Barton

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Glenda Fegers

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Sue Rupp



Florida Flutes

Lisa McElwee-White

Laurel Zucker



Nancy Clew

Lindsay Hager

Doug and Tammy Phillips

Thank you for donating. Your contributions

help us to continue our daily operations, 

help with the costs of our annual 

conventions and help us with modern 


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The Florida Flute Association has been in existence for 47 years. It costs us $32,000 per year in operations not only for convention expenses but our daily expenses as well. 

Our convention expenses include but are not limited to: Guest Artist fees, Accompanist Fees, Hotel Fees, Piano Rentals and Tuning, Printing and Editing of Program Books, Convention Supplies, Onsite Registration Credit Card Fees, Competition Awards and the Copying and Printing of various forms and certificates. 

Our daily expenses include and are not limited to: Scholarships, Website Softwares and Updates, Newsletter costs, and General Office Expenses such as Office Supplies, Mailbox Rental, Board Member Meetings, Printing and Copying, Postage, to name a few.

The costs of all of the above are climbing higher and we need your help. Please donate so the Florida Flute Association may continue to provide the same quality music and flute education for our future musicians as we have for you all these years. Your contribution is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. All donors will be recognized on a year round basis on this website, in the newsletters and in the convention programs. Amounts revealed will not be exact but categorized in column ranges but if you prefer to be anonymous, you may state so in the comment window when paying online or when mailing your check.

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Florida Flute Association
2170 Pine Terrace
Saint Cloud, FL 34771

Thank you so much. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.