2020 Friends Of The Florida Flute Association

Our campaign this year is in honor of our beloved colleague, avid flute player, teacher, former FFA Exhibits Coordinator and Treasurer, Karl Lutgens, who passed away on Friday, May 15th, 2020. He will be sorely missed by everyone whose life he touched. 

All donations go towards our operations but if you would like your donation to specifically go towards our scholarship funds, there will be “Add a Note” at the top before you checkout. Put “In Memory Of Karl Lutgens” and it will go towards those funds.

                                                                            Donation period for recognition is May 2020 through April 2021

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Kimberly Alvarez

Olivia Boatman

Marcia Bornemann

Linda Browdy

Shannon Cerise

Amy Clark

Kristen Cruz

Debra Cureton

Susan Delaney

Elizabeth Dinlocker

Mark Dulin

Pamela Hudson

Jennifer Kaelin

Melina Kervandjian 

George Lavin

Cindy Lehon-Barber

Blanche Lewis

Cristina Lutgens

Erich Lutgens

Lisa Morgan

Marisa Nicole

Mike & Anna Norton

Deborah Parmenter

Keylon Patch

Nan Raphael

Michelle Reid

Tammy Roggen

Bonnye Roose

Ronnie Rothchild

George Santos

Gerrie Santos

Diane Boyd Schultz

Beth Sperling

Susan Voges

Katherine Wentz



The Baderschneiders

Claudia Brill

Bonnie Childress

Richard Dudley

Glenda Fegers

Mike Goodenow

David King

Judi Lampert

Alice Lenaghan 

Thomas Mease

Al Muir

Irene Pruzan

Fred Schiff

SF Pride Wind Ens

Christine Smith

Joan Sparks

Lyn & Katie Wagner



Karl Barton

Paige Long





Lindsay Hager

Mary and Bill Sand

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help us to continue our daily operations, 

help with the costs of our annual 

conventions and help us with modern 


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The Florida Flute Association has been in existence for 45 years. It costs us $30,000 per year in operations not only for convention expenses but our daily expenses as well. 

Our convention expenses include but are not limited to: Guest Artist fees, Accompanist Fees, Hotel Fees, Piano Rentals and Tuning, Printing and Editing of Program Books, Convention Supplies, Onsite Registration Credit Card Fees, Competition Awards and the Copying and Printing of various forms and certificates. 

Our daily expenses include and are not limited to: Scholarships, Website Softwares and Updates, Newsletter costs, and General Office Expenses such as Office Supplies, Mailbox Rental, Board Member Meetings, Printing and Copying, Postage, to name a few.

The costs of all of the above are climbing higher and we need your help. Please donate so the Florida Flute Association may continue to provide the same quality music and flute education for our future musicians as we have for you all these years. Your contribution is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. All donors will be recognized on a year round basis on this website, in the newsletters and in the convention programs. Amounts revealed will not be exact but categorized in column ranges but if you prefer to be anonymous, you may state so in the comment window when paying online or when mailing your check.

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Florida Flute Association
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