2022 Convention Pre-Registration Form

2022 Florida Flute Association Convention – January 28, 29 and 30

We would like to thank everyone for their patience in the last few weeks. After much deliberation and gathering information from the Marriott contract, the FFA Board has decided to return to an IN-PERSON convention!

You must FIRST apply as a 2022 FFA Member if new or change your membership level  to 2022 using the separate membership form that can be found in the menu bar above. Failure to change membership level to 2022-Adult or 2022-Student or to join as a new member into the FFA will result your convention registration TO NOT BE VALID.
Deadline to pre-register will be 5:00pm January 6, 2022


2022 Adult Annual Membership Fee $30, Convention Fee $55.

2022 Student Annual Membership Fee $10, Convention Fee $30.


Non-flutist guests of FFA members $15 for all three days. (if possible, we prefer you register on the FFA member’s form of whom you are a guest)
  • This is a flute convention for FFA members. 
  • Flutists of all levels and ages, active or non-active, must register as a member to attend. 
  • Complimentary parking is for FFA members staying at the hotel. All others must pay $18 per day (Subject to change).
  • Convention fees AND membership fees are non-refundable



***ALL PRESENTERS AND PERFORMERS!!!!!***:  You MUST fill out a 2022 FFA membership form AND you must register separately for the convention, by DECEMBER 1ST as stated on your or your group’s acceptance letter. EVERY member of all flute choirs must register by this deadline.

We prefer you register your non flute guest (family member, etc) on your convention pre-registration form. If they decide to come after you have pre-registered, they may register on a separate Guest Form below. The non flutist involved in your presentation (pianist, instrumentalist, etc) does not need to register. Their name will be taken from your proposal form and you will receive their badge upon your arrival.




  • An onsite registration fee of $10 will be added if you choose to register at the convention. There will be a form on a table at the site for you to fill out before you pay at the registration desk. 



***Scroll down the registration box on the right hand side.

Please do not try to register on your phone or tablet. You will run into problems. A computer must be used.

Non-Flutist Guests Pre-Registration LINK is now open for your guests (if not registering on the FFA member’s form). If you choose to register when you arrive instead, it will be helpful if your FFA member is with you when you register.
 **Downloadable PDF of Convention Schedule (Available late Fall)

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