Competition Forms and Rules






To avoid technical problems, do not wait until the last minute to send in your auditions. 

Click on the links below to access the competition forms. 

You must FIRST register as a 2024 FFA member in order to apply for the competitions. Go to Membership-2024 in the main menu bar. 

Once you are notified if you have been accepted in the competition that you auditioned for, you will need to fill out the separate 2024 convention pre-registration form and pay the separate convention fee by November 30th, 2023. 

**We prefer that your non-flutist guests be registered on your convention pre-registration form. A separate guest form is available under Convention Info if you don’t know who your guests will be at this time. 



For a pdf version to print out, click here 

  • Audio recordings must not be edited.
  • You may only submit ONE application in a competition category.
  • Use only an mp3 format recording for each competition.
  • Name your mp3 file with the first 3 letters of your first name, the first 3 letters of your last name and the abbreviated title of the competition as will be shown on the application form. Ex., John Smith for the Advanced Masterclass would be JohSmiAMC.
  • Do not talk on the recording.
  • Listen to the completed recording on different devices before turning it in. Blank recordings will be disqualified.
  • The recording MUST include the complete instrumentation as stated on the music. If it is written for Flute and Piano it must be recorded with Flute and Piano. Exception is the Honors Choir which does NOT require the piano accompaniment.
  • Competitions are for FFA members only. If you are a 2023 FFA member, you MUST FIRST renew your membership for 2024 before you apply for a competition. If you were not a member in 2023 or have never been a member, you must first register as a 2024 member. FAILURE TO PAY YOUR 2024 MEMBERSHIP will DISQUALIFY your audition.
  • The completed Competition Application(s) must be submitted before 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time, OCTOBER 1st, 2023. The system will automatically shut down at that time. No exceptions.
  • Payment and Form is to be filled out, paid and submitted online only. PLEASE make sure you wait until the submission and payment has fully transmitted before closing your browser or computer. You should receive a receipt a Paypal receipt that your payment went through. 
  • If entering more than one competition, you MUST submit separate application forms and the required fees for each competition.
  • No repertoire may be submitted more than once. For instance, do not send in the required Young Artist, Honors Choir or Nancy Clew Eller Artist Competition selections for a Masterclass. You will be disqualified for all.
  • All those who enter a competition will be emailed AND mailed a letter with the list of winners. If you are chosen for the competition you entered, you will be given instructions on what to do next, including the deadline of November 30th, 2023 to pre-register for the convention.
  • The accompanist fee listed on the competition form is required to be prepaid if you don’t have your own for your performance at the convention. If you are not chosen, this fee will be reimbursed. Failure to prepay will disqualify your entry. If you are bringing your own, you MUST put the name of your accompanist on the competition form. If you don’t, and you didn’t pay for an FFA accompanist on the application, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to hire or use one of our FFA accompanists, Allison Franzetti, Deloise Lima and Rose Grace, on your own for the convention performance. If you pay the accompanist fee, you will be assigned one of them. No requests please.
  • The audio recorded selections for the Masterclasses and the Young Artist competitions MUST be performed IN PERSON at the convention if you are chosen. The final round repertoire you have chosen for the Nancy Clew Eller Artist Competition must be listed on the audition form and must be performed on Sunday. No substitutions.
  • High School Young Artist, College Young Artist and Nancy Clew Eller Artist winners must perform on the closing concert Sunday.

Questions regarding any Competition or Masterclass should be sent to:

Stephanie DiMauro, FFA Vice-PresidentCoordinator of Masterclasses and Competitions Email:

Auditions for each competition will be judged by its own panel of three judges. 


  • Nancy Clew Eller Artist Application
  • College Young Artist Application
  • High School Young Artist Application
  • High School Masterclass Application
  • Advanced Masterclass Application
  • Honors Choir Application